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May 2024
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Wed, May 22
Thu, May 23
Fri, May 24
Sat, May 25
Sun, May 26
Mon, May 27
Tue, May 28
Wed, May 29
Thu, May 30
Fri, May 31
Sat, Jun 1
Sun, Jun 2

Calendar & Category Legend:

  • Elementary & Middle School Lunch Menus
  • High School Lunch Menus
  • JCS District


Breakfast Full Pay Students PK-12: $2.00

Breakfast Reduced Students: .30

Breakfast Adults: $3.00


Lunch Full Pay Students PK-5: $2.75

Lunch Full Pay Students 6-12: $3.00

Lunch Reduced Students: .40

Staff Lunch with Tea or Coffee: $4.25

Lunch Adult Visitor: $5.25

Lunch Child Visitor: $4.25

Lunch (Carry Out & Holidays): $5.25