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Readers make leaders!
Mindy Volk

Students in Nola Henderson’s 2nd period are annotating a text and discussing charaterization.

JCHS Senior English Class

Senior English students have several English course options to take: Advanced Placement (AP), dual enrollment, honors English 12, and standard English 12. Nola Henderson’s 12th grade standard English class must follow the TNReady ELA standards while the AP courses and dual enrollment levels follow a different curriculum.

Ms. Henderson’s class was reading The Canterbury Tales, and they are focusing on the prologue. Students were working on identifying direct and indirect characterization of some of the characters. By analyzing characterization, students can determine how complex characters change throughout the text, which is a core standard for all ELA courses. Students worked on filling out a character chart as they were reading. Along with notes they took on characterization, students had to provide an MLA citation to support their findings. Citing evidence is a skill all students are required to know and implement in their work by 12th grade. Although incorporating textual evidence is a skill all students have practiced by this point, properly citing the evidence is what teachers must focus on for students to correctly give credit to the source without being cited for plagiarism.

The class was using the new SAVVAS (formerly Pearson) platform to annotate the text. On this platform, students are provided with highlighting and text box tools to mark up the text. This is especially helpful for students who struggle with reading comprehension. Annotating allows students to interact with the text, providing an opportunity for them to connect with the text. Ms. Henderson modeled the annotation for students and then allowed them to practice annotating.

Great job, Ms. Henderson and seniors!

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