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Readers make leaders!
Kathy Weems

Building Great Readers and Thinkers at Piedmont Elementary School

Welcome to Mrs. Nina Moore’s 4th grade ELA classroom at Piedmont Elementary School.  Mrs. Moore’s 4th grade students are working hard to develop their reading comprehension skills within a variety of texts using learned strategies, engaging in deep thinking, and participating in class and partner discussions.

On the day of the visit, Mrs. Moore was engaging students in a lesson on using the context clues from surrounding text to assist in understanding new vocabulary.  Mrs. Moore provided the opening for the lesson with a review of the previously read folktale “The Valiant Little Tailor”.  She further drew student interest and connection with this folktale and others with a quick taste of an older versions of the same story.  The students were hooked and ready to learn!

Mrs. Moore providing instruction to her 4th grade students.

This lesson is a part of Benchmark Advance, Jefferson County Schools’ newly implemented reading/language arts curriculum.  It provides the teachers with a myriad of teaching tools including online texts, with the ability to enlarge areas of focus, and customizable documents and forms. Both of which Mrs. Moore regularly uses to enrich her instruction.

Mrs. Moore stated that she has enjoyed teaching with the Benchmark Advance materials and feels that the texts provide students with the appropriate level of challenge to give depth to discussions and learning, and her students agree.

“I enjoy using Benchmark.  It challenges us and helps us expand our learning.” (Anthony)

“It [Benchmark] helps us build up our strategies to learn more” (Emma)

“I like it because it is challenging but it helps me learn.  And I like the discussion we have.” (Izzie)

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