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Summer STEAM Resource Hub June & July 2021

Innovative activities and career exploration opportunities for families and teachers.

TDOE and TSIN Launch Summer STE(A)M Resource Hub

The Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN) announced the launch of the Summer STE(A)M Resource Hub, which begins June 7 and will provide weekly challenges and activities for teachers and families to explore various college, career and technical education (CCTE) pathways with their students throughout the summer. 

The Summer STE(A)M Resource Hub builds on the COVID-19 STE(A)M Resource Hub2020 Summer STE(A)M Resource HubWinter STE(A)M Resource Hub, and the Spring STE(A)M Resource Hub which engaged students with challenges around innovative activities, critical thinking, and career exploration. Since the first STE(A)M resource hub launched over a year ago in April 2020, the hubs have had over 68,000 unique visitors.   

Through June and July, the following highlights various CCTE themes that students will learn about while completing the weekly challenges, including:      

  • June 7- 11: Healthcare
  • June 14- 18:  Agriculture
  • June 21- 25:  Business
  • June 28- July 2:  Digital Arts 
  • July 5- 9:  Information Technology
  • July 12- 16:  Physical Fitness
  • July 19- 23: Architecture 
  • July 26- 30: Advanced Manufacturing 

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