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Leigh Daley

STREAM = Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math at White Pine School.

S is for Science:Third graders use magnets, paper clips, and metal ball bearings to see how tall of a stack they can make.

T is for TECHNOLOGY: Second Graders learn computer skills by playing Minecraft.

R is for READING and wRITING: Second graders finished reading a book and are ready to write about what they are grateful for in their “Gratitude Journal.”

E is for ENGINEERING: Third graders plan to build a wagon that can carry the weight of their payload. Fifth graders have successfully built theirs. 

A is for adding ART to everything: Fourth graders are working on adding upper levels to their marble run roller coaster.

M is for MATH: First Graders practice their Math facts before they join friends at the sand center. 

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By Leigh Daley, Instructional Coach, Site Director, Jefferson Elementary




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