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Readers make leaders!
Melissa Barbee

Kindergarten students learn about citizenship, U.S. symbols.


TES Kindergarten Class


Students in Bailey Walker’s kindergarten class have spent the last few weeks learning about U.S. citizenship, what it means to be a good citizen, and symbols that represent the United States of America. Students have learned that being a citizen of the United States comes with many rights, roles, and responsibilities. This learning relates to the following essential questions:

  1. What and who is a citizen?
  2. What are the rights, roles, and responsibilities of being a citizen?
  3. What symbols remind us of our citizenship, and what do they mean to us?

These kindergarten students have participated in read-alouds of many complex texts, including I Pledge Allegiance, Citizenship, and The Flag We Love. These texts and the surrounding classroom discussion build students’ content knowledge and promote vocabulary development. This English Language Arts unit of study directly relates to the Tennessee Kindergarten Social Studies Standards, so students are building knowledge while developing their skills as readers and writers.

It was quite remarkable to see and hear kindergarteners synthesize information learned throughout the unit to complete a culminating task. These students were very successful in relaying the knowledge they gained within this unit by writing, drawing, and labeling both someone showing the qualities of a good citizen and an example of an American symbol. Kudos to Miss Bailey’s kindergarteners at TES!


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